Kumauni cuisine

Kumaon cuisine


Kumaoni food is simple and comprises largely of vegetables and pulses. It is highly nutritious to enable survival in the hard environment of the hills and cold climate.

Vegetables like potato (aaloo), radish (mooli), colocacia leaves (arbi ke patte, papad), pumpkin (kaddoo), spinach (palak) and many others are grown locally by the largely agrarian populace and consumed in various forms.

Aloo puri

Kumauni cuisine is the food of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India. Kumaoni food is very simple but very nutritious. It completely suits the hard environment of the Himalayas. Pulses like Gehet (Kulath, a local type of bean) are fashioned into different preparations like Ras-Bhaat, Chains, Faanda and Thatwaani. All are unique preparations from the same pulse. Jholi or curry seasoned with curd. Chudkani and Joula made from Bhatt pulses. Cereals like Mandua with rice and wheat are popular.

Meat is also prepared but the recipe is quite similar to the way it is prepared in most of North India.


It is believed that regions of Kumaun gets its name from the word “Kurmanchal” meaning the land of Kurmavatar .Several snack items, breads, dairy products and beverages form the heart of the Kumaoni cuisine which is traditionally eaten in several parts in Uttarakhand.